Mount Pleasant has a long history

A view of Mount Pleasant farmhouse from the Swinton Road

The farm buildings at Mount Pleasant are extremely old.

As far as we can gather, Mount Pleasant was a staging post in the days when stage coaches ran from Kelso to Berwick and it was here that the horses were changed and the passengers entertained while that happened. They would be given an opportunity of stretching their legs and enjoying a meal. The building in which the Armstrong Loom is now housed was originally the stables in which the horses were fed and watered.

In later times, when the stage coaches no longer ran, Mount Pleasant became a farm and one of the buildings which has now been converted into accommodation was the Granary — the marks of its former use are still clearly visible.

Now it is a family home and the barns are being restored to provide the opportunities of preserving ancient skills — the first to have been restored is the Stables where now we weave fabric and make kilts. What a story its walls could tell.