A view of Mount Pleasant farmhouse from the Swinton Road
Mount Pleasant Farm Steading

Welcome to our Border Kilt Craft website!

I moved down to the Scottish Borders towards the end of 20013 — and already I feel as if this is my home.

We live in a fairly large farm steading and for me the attraction was that there was a barn which could be converted to provide a place for my 1820 Armstrong Loom on which I had learned over  previous years to weave Scottish tartan.

I still have an interest in tartan and in kilt-making — I was apprenticed as a kilt-maker for three years at a prestigious kilt-makers (where I was taught by Anne Campbell who is now my friend and my partner in Border Kilt Craft). Thus my new workshop has facilities for kilt-making as well.

Now my interest is in designing and weaving Borders Tweed. Follow this web-site to see how this develops.

Of course, my biggest interest is in sharing my skills so that the traditional crafts of kilt-making and weaving do not disappear. Already a number of people have indicated an interest in learning and one of the purposes of this website is to provide information about some of the special days which we are planning.

If you are interested, do please be in touch.