Our Armstrong Loom

Our Armstrong Loom settling into its new home
Our Armstrong Loom settling into its new home

Our Armstrong Loom is very nearly two hundred years old. We believe that it first saw the light of day back in the 1820 when it was installed as the very latest technology at the Alva Mill near Stirling.

By 1874 it was getting old and was retired in favour of one of the new power looms. It was bought by a family of weavers, the MacPhersons, who installed it in their cottage on the banks of Loch Lomond. There it remained,  passed down from father to son until, a few years ago, Sandy retired, sold the cottage with its restaurant and shop, and had nowhere for the loom to go.

Sandy was anxious that it should continue to be used and so he gave it to us. Not only that, but he taught Rachel how to weave. In turn a Luss tartan (called the MacKessog after the patron saint of the village) was designed and registered and four different variations of the tartan woven.

As Luss is a famous wedding church, many people chose to be married in the village tartan to which they became entitled by deciding to have their wedding there.

Now in its purpose-built new home in the Borders, it will certainly continue to be well-used!

where Border Tweed is woven and Scottish kilts are made