About Us

Border Kilt Craft is the brainchild of Rachel Hammerton and Ann Campbell.

Rachel is a kilt-maker who has turned weaver having been gifted an historic Armstrong Loom and having spent a number of years in learning this new skill. She has designed and woven tartan and now that she is based in the Borders has started creating Border tweed.   She has an academic and theatre background, and has specialised in the research and archiving of tartan and clan history, presenting Scottish history and tradition to international groups from Finland, Italy, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Portugal, Canada and the USA.

Ann Campbell is Scotland’s foremost craft kilt-maker having made kilts for more people than she can remember, some extremely famous and spread throughout the world (including Hollywood), some just like the rest of us and close to home.    She comes from a piping family, and her proudest photograph is of an entire wedding party of which all the male members are wearing kilts which she had made.   She has trained many of the current kilt-makers in Scotland, and as an ex-nurse, the love and care she once gave to her patients is now given to her kilts and trainees!

Both Rachel and Ann enjoy using their skills, but most of all they enjoy passing them on, which is what Border Kilt Craft is all about.

“We are both fully qualified and experienced kilt-makers, but are aiming for much more than the simple production of kilts:  we aim to pass on the traditional history and skills of the craft, with passion, care and commitment.”

where Border Tweed is woven and Scottish kilts are made